Between the 5th and the 8th of May 2018 in Cascais, Portugal, there took place the Horasis Global Meeting 2018. Mr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA, PhD, Vice-Chairman of the Board of AUTONOVA attended as speaker the event.

The Horasis mission is to enact visions for a sustainable future.

Horasis is using its unrivalled history of partnership with corporations from emerging markets to create a powerful platform for cooperation between emerging and developed markets.

Mr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA, PhD, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of our company, was present at this global event honoring the invitation from Dr. Frank-Jürgen RICHTER, founder and Chairman of HORASIS.

At the HORASIS Global Meeting 2018 Mr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA, PhD, has delivered a speech in the panel: Off-shoring, Re-shoring and Outsourcing, presenting AUTONOVA’s experience in outsourcing processes and activities, as well as the vision related to the future of outsourcing operations in the context of the complex and fast-moving technological developments that are currently taking place, based on the appearance of new ultramodern technologies and artificial intelligence.

During this global meeting, Mr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA, PhD, had an exchange of ideas with leading international personalities, including without limitation: Mr. Jose-Manuel Barroso, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International and former President of the European Commission; Mr. John D. Negroponte, Vice Chairman of McLarty Associates Washington DC, American diplomat, former US Deputy Secretary of State, former US Ambassador to several countries, and the first Director of National Intelligence of the United States of America; USA Senators: Mr. Michael Brown (Democratic Party) and Mr. Steve Waugh (Republican Party); Mr. Mauricio Prazak, President of the Brazilian Institute of International Business Relations Development, Brazil; Mr. Isaac Amoako-Mensah, Chairman of the CAGL Group Corporation in Ghana, one of the largest business groups in the Sub-Saharan Africa area; Mr. Bill Wescott, PhD, CEO at BrainOxygen USA; Journalist Wendy Dent, The Guardian, USA; Ms. Doris Albisser, Vice President at EurAsia Competence AG Zurich, Switzerland; Mr. SHI Wen Jie, Director of the School for International Studies at the Central University for Finance and Economics, Beijing, China; Ms. Mihaela Ulieru, PhD, President of Endor Coin Washington DC; Ms. Nairouz Bader, CEO of the Envision Partnership Group, Dubai, UAE; Mr. Said Al Maskery, Director of AlMahfadha Group Oman and Cristina Fonseca, co-founder Talkdesk Portugal.

The exchange of ideas with the world leaders facilitates our company to better understand the current and future global economic climate and brings AUTONOVA to the forefront of international affairs through the many contacts that took place at the Horasis Global Meeting 2018 with leading international personalities of the economy, politics and the contemporary society.