is a 100% Romanian-capital private company, which operates both in the production of assemblies and components for automotive and non-automotive industries and in the field of design and fabrication of hydraulic brake equipment for vehicles.

With more than 60 years of activity, AUTONOVA passed many transformations and today we are a competitive company, able to offer to its partners feasible and stable solutions.


We are recognized and appreciated as a stable partner which offers the best solutions to our customers, a partner which in a changing world, evolving in a sustainable and durable way and involves itself in social responsibility programs.


Our mission is to offer to automotive and other industrial branches, a wide range of best quality products, by encouraging and implementation of proactive culture and excellence in activity.

Autonova S.A. assures customers and partners satisfaction related to quality, durability and utility and, to the share owners, the company offers stability and increasing of value and profitability. All these are enhanced by our concern toward our employees and environment protection.


  • Customers satisfaction
  • Inovation
  • Stability
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Employees involvement
  • Environment protection
  • Prosperity by diversity
  • Added value for share owners

Business Ethics and Social responsability code

Chapter 1 – General items

One of the most important missions of the company is to be a reliable and sustainable business partner, able to offer to its partners long term competitive solutions.

Being aware that the fulfillment of the above target depends on a fair and correct way of conducting the business, S.C. AUTONOVA S.A. decided to create the document “BUSINESS ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CODE”, which expresses the principles on which the company operates its relationship with customers, suppliers, share holders, employees, business partners, banks and governmental authorities.

In any case in which, any partner considers that the principles presented in this document were broken, the partner is kindly asked to send a claim to one of the following e-mail addresses: [email protected] or [email protected] ,
the receivers of the messages being exclusive the administrators of the company.

This document refers to the adopted principles in which concern:

• Business ethics code and work practices
• Fundamental human rights respect and relationship with the community
• Environment and work health and safety

The above mentioned principles are a part of the business operating system of the company, they are used in the daily work, KPIs and targets were setup in order to quantify their fulfillment.

All involved personnel (administrators, executive directors, managers and employees – regardless of the function in the company) agreed without reserves to the principles described in this document and they are permanently acting in order to fulfill them.

Chapter 2 – Business ethics and work practices

S.C. AUTONOVA S.A, through all involved personnel, declares its commitment to:

– fulfill all applicable legal and regulation requirements related to business ethics and work practices.
– compete in a fair way on the market, based on competitivity, on products and services performances and to do not make any unfair agreement or arrangement against the correct manner.
– do not use any form of bribe, gifts or other undue things. The symbolic gifts between partners with special occasions, dinner invitations which are very common in the business behavior, are not considered as bribe.
– do not accept any form of corruption, fraud, tax evasion, false statements and so on, generally speaking to deny all types of felony activities or organized crime.
– do not accept any situation of conflict of interest. In the situation in which any involved person becomes in this kind of position without his/her will, he/she will inform immediately the company leaders (administrative or executive).

Chapter 3 – Fundamental human rights respect and relationship with the community

3.1. – Fundamental human rights respect

S.C. AUTONOVA S.A, through all involved personnel, declares its commitment to:

– fulfill all applicable legal and regulation requirements related to fundamental human rights respect.
– do not accept the child labor or underage young people labor.
– do not accept the forced labor, abuses or using personnel without legal forms of employment. Each company employee has an individual work contract and, beside this, he/she has the rights and obligations foreseen in the Collective work contract negotiated between employers and employees representatives (inclusive wages, work in extra time, vacations, rest time, a.s.o.).
– offer to all employees equal opportunities and a fair treatment, the only criteria for making differences between employees are the competence and employee performance.
– offer to all employees the free choice to join to union organizations, to have communication and meetings with the company’s management in an organized manner.
– do not apply any form of discrimination or harassment. Criteria like nationality, age, political orientation, religion, sex, disabilities or any kind of discriminatory items, will be never taken in consideration for hiring, firing, promotion, wage or any other rights related to work.
– assure all necessary training programs to all employees in order to allow the employees to perform their activities in a competent way, which will facilitate the targets achievement and protect their health and safety.
– respect the employees privacy, to do not put them in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations, to treat them with respect and dignity in all cases.

3.2. – Company relationship with the community

S.C. AUTONOVA S.A. does not want to be only a member of the local community which belongs to, but it wishes to be, according to its mission and values, an active member.
In these circumstances, the active involvement in different community activities has the purpose of promoting and supporting the civic behavior, culture, sports, health system, educational system, social protection system, business environment, a.s.o.
Based on this principle, the company operates different activities, in total compliance with legal requirements, such is:

– sponsorship of non profit associations or non governmental organizations in order to support different social cases, for medical equipment acquisition, for organization of cultural, sports, religion, educative, civic events which are interesting for the local community
– offering the possibility to pupils or students to make practice or visits in the company, with the purpose of their professional development and to attract them for work in the company when studies will be completed
– participating as partner in the dualist educational system, according to applicable legislation
– hosting different events to encourage the business environment and to stimulate the investments in the area
– participation to various symposium, debates, round tables organized by local authorities or local organizations

Chapter 4 – Environment and work health and safety

S.C. AUTONOVA S.A, through all involved personnel, declares its commitment to:

– fulfill all applicable legal and regulation requirements related to environment protection and work health and safety
– permanently implement actions which lead to negative impact reduction against environment, such is using materials and technologies environmental friendly, collection and delivery of all types of waste generated by the activity to specialized companies, training of all employees in order to make them aware of the importance of environment protection
– establish management programs, KPIs and targets related to environment protection, to perform regular analysis and to initiate corrective and preventative actions if deviations occur or if the risk of a negative event is identified
– be permanently concerned regarding its employees health and safety condition, to implement action plans in order to maintain the employees health such is work stations risk evaluation, periodic medical investigation, training for work health and safety rules, first aid, work and protection equipment assurance, stations ergonomics, a.s.o.
– establish preventative and protection programs, KPIs and targets related to work health and safety, to conduct analysis and initiate corrective and preventative actions if deviations occur or if the risk of a negative event is identified

In order to facilitate the fulfillment of the above targets, the company decided to establish, implement and certify an integrated management system, quality – environment – work health and safety, social accountability, according applicable international standards:
IATF 16949 ; ISO 9001 ; ISO 14001 ; OHSAS 18001, SA 8000


Satu Mare, 20.02.2019

The main mile stones of the company history

Autonova’s certifications

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

IATF 16949:2016

SA 8000 : 2014


General director

Ing. Ioan HAIDUC

Financial director

Ec. Adelina BOGDAN


Dr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA