We thank INNO and the North West Regional Development Agency for selecting our company, Autonova, in order to realize an interview about our success.

The interview was offered by Mr. Ciprian Dan Costea, Ph.D, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and by Mr. Ionica Haiduc, General Manager of Autonova.

The European funds have indeed been one of the main drivers for our development and have helped us to modernize Autonova company, by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to innovate in our business and improve our products.

The excellent partnership and the professionalism that we have found in the collaboration with the North West Regional Development Agency and INNO, are major factors that contributed to our success.

We are determined to continue to access various lines of financing from the structure of the European funds, precisely to maintain the positive trend of development that we have placed ourselves. INNO is a department within the North West Regional Development Agency which functions as a point of interaction for regional stakeholders (SMEs, universities, financial institutions, public authorities, NGOs and other organizations) in order to increase regional competitiveness by supporting access to technology transfer and developing and innovation-based economy