AUTONOVA wants to be an active member of the local community which our company belongs to, according to its mission and values. In these circumstances, the active involvement in different community activities has the purpose of promoting and supporting the civic behavior, culture, sports, health system, educational system, social protection system and business environment.

Based on this principles, the company operates different activities, in total compliance with legal requirements, such is:
– sponsorship of non-profit associations or non-governmental organizations in order to support different social cases, for medical equipment acquisition, for organization of cultural, sports, religion, educative, civic events which are interesting for the local community
– offering the possibility to pupils or students to make practice or visits in the company, with the purpose of their professional development and to attract them to work in the company when their studies are completed
– hosting different events to encourage the business environment and to stimulate the investments in the area
– participation to various symposium, debates, round tables organized by local authorities or local organizations.

Following these principles of Social Responsability, AUTONOVA’s leadership was present at the Charity Ball of the LIONS Club Somes Satu Mare ( ), event in which we had the status of DIAMOND SPONSOR.

Among the members of the AUTONOVA leadership, there were present at the charity ball: Mr. Petre MURESAN – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Cristian SUTEU – General Manager, Ms. Rodica BOTA – Economic Director and Mr. Ioan HAIDUC – Operations Director.

In the speech given in this event, Mr. Cristian SUTEU – General Manager of AUTONOVA ( see the pictures ), highlighted some aspects such are:
– the long period of time since creation of the company: the firm was created in 1954
– continuous involvement of the company in the community life and activities
– different types of demarches for supporting the local community.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of AUTONOVA, Mr. Petre MURESAN pointed out the constant involvement of our company in charitable activities and in supporting such noble actions, facts which will be visible in the future, too.

The aim of the charity ball organized by LIONS Club Somes Satu Mare was the collection of funds for the acquisition of an ultrasound DOPPLER LOGIQ V2 – medical equipment used in the detection of many medical and oncological affections for adults and children.

With our presence as DIAMOND SPONSOR at Lions Club’s Charity Ball, we demonstrate our active Social Responsibility involvement in order to support the community in which we operate.