AUTONOVA has some certain objectives established through its mission, among which: satisfaction for our customers and partners, stability to our share owners, concern towards our employees and environment protection.

During this difficult period for the private-owned companies, for the Romanian, European and also global economy, AUTONOVA continued its activity and paid in full to the State Budget all the taxes, fees and related contributions, amounts that in the first quarter of this year can be quantified in millions of RON.

Due to an extremely strong connections in the Asian market, our company was aware of what was going to happen due to the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, before the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic hit the Romanian and European economy and as a consequence we prepared our employees through specific trainings, special procedures for pandemic conditions-work and by providing specific protection materials.

The continuation of our business activity was possible due to an exemplary involvement of all AUTONOVA’s employees and due to a sustained effort of online dialogue with our customers and the entire supply chain, so as to ensure that there is no any syncope in supply and sales, doubled by an extremely rigorous cash-flow management.

Moreover, all the companies member in the business group of which AUTONOVA is part of, have continued their activity and in addition, carry out even during this period, consistent investments that will generate added value in the next period.

As a future perspective, we are already preparing files for accessing European funds in the coming years, financial funds which will offer to AUTONOVA the competitive advantages necessary for the healthy development of our company.

AUTONOVA also declares interest for new partnerships with companies that want to relocate their businesses from affected areas or countries as well as with all those which want to develop production facilities within the AUTONOVA industrial park.