Between 21-23 October 2023 in Gaziantep, Türkiye, there took place the Horasis Global Meeting. Mr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA, PhD, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of AUTONOVA attended as speaker the event, honoring the invitation received from Dr. Frank-Jürgen RICHTER, Founder and Chairman of HORASIS

Our Vice Chairman, Mr. Ciprian Dan COSTEA, PhD, has delivered a speech at the HORASIS Global Meeting 2023 within the panel: ‘Adapting Businesses to be More Sustainable’, presenting AUTONOVA’s experience in changing the business model to a sustainable one, highlighting our desire to continue diversifying the customer base and integrating new ultramodern technologies and artificial intelligence within our processes.

At the same time, during this global meeting, he had an exchange of ideas with leading international personalities, among whom we mention, without limiting ourselves: Bjørn Berge Deputy Secretary General Council of Europe; Conrad Egusa, Chief Executive Officer, Pulicize, Colombia; Bo Inge Andersson, Chief Executive Officer, Uzauto Motors, Uzbekistan; Emily Slater, Executive Director, Bretton Woods Committee, Washington DC, USA; Ibrahim Turhan, former Vice Guvernor of the Central Bank of Türkiye and CEO and Chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange; Josef Stadler, Vice Chairman UBS Switzerland; dl. Pranjal Sharma, World Economic Forum member, founder and former head of Bloomberg India, Contributing Editor, Business Standard, Author of ‘The Next New: Navigating the Fifth Industrial Revolution’, India; Murat Seitnepesov, Chairman, Caspian Week, Switzerland; Kai Vettel, Managing Director, Pack Performance, Germany; Fahim Hashimi, Chairman, Hashimi Group, Former Minister of Communications and Information Technology Afghanistan; Gligor Tashkovich, Former Minister for Foreign Investment, North Macedonia; Catherine Carlton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sapiens Impact, former Mayor in Silicon Valley’s Menlo Park, California, USA; Senida Mesi, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Albania; Sham Bathija Former Minister and Advisor to the President of Afghanistan Afghanistan; Zabi Ziarmal, Chairman, WTC Afghanistan, board of directors member at ICC; Tamer Saka, Chairman, Corporate Governance Association of Türkiye; Irina Curbelo, Co-Founder Percheron Advisory France/UK; Agne Linge, DeFi Researcher, DeGate, Dubai, UAE; Loren A. Smith, President Policy Risk Group, Washington DC, USA; Daniel Zaretsky, President, Bekzod Holding, Uzbekistan; Mihaela Ulieru, President Impact Institute for the Digital Economy, Washington DC, USA and World Economic Forum member; Ulusoy Erdogan, Secretary General, Turkish-Chinese Business Development and Friendship Association; Nicole Béky Founder Anderline, Zurich, Switzerland; Ebenezer Kwame Addo Executive Director Travel Center Ghana; Carole Barrow, Director Public Relations, Bospar, San Francisco, California, USA; Edith Nordmann, Chairman Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade, The Netherlands, international lawyer and Adam Global member; Hakan Güner, Chairman United Partners, Türkiye /USA/Germany; Kaan Kiziroğlu, Managing Partner, Servo Capital Advisors and board of directors member Turkonfed, Istanbul; Farah London, Founder Back 2 Business International, United Kingdom; Jeffrey Goh, CEO, Gulf Air Group, Bahrain; Andrew McGregor, Director and Founder, Oomvelt Research, and movie actor, Los Angeles, California, USA; Aïcha El Hammar Castano, International Producer, ABC News and Good Morning America; Momoe, Founder, ZenEating, Japan; Riccarda Zezza, Chief Executive Officer Lifeed, named as Fortune’s most influential and innovative women in Italy.

On behalf of the Government of the host country, Türkiye, and on behalf of the authorities, there participated in the Horasis Global Meeting 2023: Mehmet Şimşek, Minister of Treasury and Finance, Türkiye; Ömer Bolat, Minister of Trade, Türkiye; Mehmet Kemal Bozay, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Türkiye; Fatma Varank, Deputy Minister of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change Türkiye; Mahmut Gürcan, Deputy Minister of Trade, Türkiye; Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep, Türkiye; Y. Erdem Guzelbey, Deputy Mayor of Gaziantep; Hayrettin Güngör, Mayor of Kahramanmara, Türkiye; Lütfü Savas, Mayor of Hatay, Türkiye; Süleyman Kilinç, Mayor of Adiyaman, Türkiye.

By participating at the Horasis Global Meeting, Autonova adapts its strategies to the evolution of the current and future global economy, bringing our company to the forefront of the international developments, through the multiple contacts that took place during the Horasis Global Meeting 2023 event with top personalities from the international business environment, from the contemporary global economic, governmental and political environment.