One of the most important challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the economy is the strong disruption of supply chains.
Through quick and courageous decisions and permanent dialogue with all the partners in the business chain, AUTONOVA coped very well with the difficult situation that the economy has gone through. At the same time, decisions will continue to be made in order to best adapt to the new international realities. For the future the new technologies, modern ones and based on artificial intelligence and robotization will adjust the business chains and some costs such as those related to licenses or energy will become much more important. The management of international supply chains will be based on the principle of best cost and not the low-cost one and hierarchically will be well defined global strategies, regional (Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, America, Africa) and national ones.

Article: “Opinion on Global Supply Chains in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Times”.

C-Suite Magazine (article at pages 30 and 31).

C-Suite Magazine in video format.